Chris Carter
1 min readFeb 12


Winter wind

January Whispers- to daddy, with love

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I hear a whisper in the Wind

It blows through to my heart.

It tells me you are here with me

Although we now must part.

It whispers in the snapping cold

That pierces through my skin.

It tells me that you are not far

And heaven let you in.

The wind blew hard and

Slapped my face awakening my soul,

It held me tight and spoke to me

And said you are now whole.

As I awaken from the night

The wind still blows its chill,

And tells me never to forget

And you are with me still.

Each day that comes it holds

With it a memory of the past.

The son will rise, the morning break,

God’s love will hold me fast.

I promise to remember

When the winter wind does blow,

The light that shown upon you then,

And the warmth it brings me now.