Second Guessing

Making yourself wrong

Chris Carter
2 min readApr 4, 2023
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As the sounds of the night’s quiet hum keep me company ,

These times are reflective,

And the mirror shows me what

I was, not what I will be.

The time alone has been

Bringing uncertainty.

A shift between then and now

Becomes muddled as I

Step back into our muddled

halls. The empty walls are asking me why I left,

And took our child with me.

But years of reason glared me in the face, as time healed nothing, but wedged a deep divide,

Which became a cliff dropping off away from all hope. It was a slow and steady dropping away.

I am not perfection.

I have been told that time and time again.

Weight gathered around my center,

Hair in a permanent state of disarray.

I was never really good enough at anything.

‘Pay the price” the theme which told me there would always be a steep price to pay.

Seventeen years of climbing up

A steep mountain,



Chris Carter

Started writing poetry when she was a teenager. She is a writer for Mustard Seed Sentinel, and her column Diary of a Prodigal Daughter is published monthly.